Aug 31, 2016

The soul usually knows ..
what to do .. to heal itself ..
The challenge is to silence ..
the mind ...

Aug 29, 2016

Universe - Solitude

Une femme chaque nuit
Voyage en grand secret ....

Je veux t'embrasser je t'embrasse
Je veux te quitter tu t'ennuies
Mais aux limites de nos forces
Tu revets une armure plus dangereuse qu'une arme ..

~Samuel Beckett

Aug 27, 2016

Proud mama moment ...

he worked hard to get where he wanted to be ... i am so proud to be able to see him achieve one of his many dreams ... #lovewhatmatters #lovenomatterwhat

Aug 21, 2016

The after party ...

a year older ... and still couldnt figure out the ways of men ... #afterpartyshamelessselfie

Aug 3, 2016

Love shouldn't hurt

"She speaks to me fondly of passions and talents 
guitars and stars
then stop short 
and apologizes for speaking at all ..

All because somewhere in her life 
someone she loved broke her heart
by ignoring her beautiful words 
and telling her to shut up .. 
keep it down ..
nobody cares .. 

People aren't born sad .. 
                                                         We make them tht way .. " 

Aug 2, 2016


My love couldn't keep you 

Tonight i can write the saddest lines ... 

To think tht i have lost him .. and and he is no longer with me .. 
The silent of the night ... seem so loud ... so deafening The verse of each line ... falls onto the page ... like rain drops ... shattering the soul ... 

My love was not enough ... 
It was never enough ... 
to make you stay ... 

Day 2 - Magenta's playlist ... "your words how they cut me to shreds" 

Aug 1, 2016

Hello August

#bulletproofsoul #yourstruly

20 more days ... should be interesting ... dont think I have changed tht much ... still the socially awkward ... painfully shy person ... but I do have amazing kids with me now ... and I have loved .. lived .. torn up .. got back up again .. made new friends along way ... lost a few too ...

have no regrets ... on anything ... just taking it as life lessons .. although i dont deal with drama all too well ... then again who does ? .. I love my solitude .. only let certain people in ... and it is a small circle ...

I do love fiercely ... some may see it as a flaw ... but not I ... because when you love someone ... you have to give love wholeheartedly .. and let them know tht they are loved in such a way ... leaving no room for doubt ...

So 20 more days ...

Day 1 ... Magenta's playlist xoxo

One day I will return to you ...

Good food ... Awesome company ..