Sep 26, 2016

A Prince ... Jorja Smith

Why am i gonna apologize ?
What have i even done ?
Why you acting like you lost a crown
If you were never wearing one ?
Falling ever deeper , dealing card now
Now you can't recognize yourself on the deck
I thought i was your queen of hearts
But all the aces stole the check ..

A prince, a prince
A glorious game
A prince, a prince
Checkmate till you stole me away

Cursing words, am i a pauper now ?
Even though all my shoes do fit
Wont even let me leave the house past 12
I aint no fairy tale chick
Happy endings cloud your head now
You have put your expectations too high
Sit on the bed, tears running down our eyes
Once upon a time , i wonder why .....

Oh you let me down , my king

Sep 17, 2016

ARFC Home Season Opener

The season has started ... Saturday is rugby day! 

Men's 1st Div 

Men's Premier