Feb 25, 2016

Another year ...

Always be my baby ..
my wish for you on your birthday ... is for you to be happy and healthy .. and may all of your dreams come true .. and i wish you love and i wish you well .. I love you forever more .. never forget tht you matter in my life and i love you .. no matter what ... xx 

Feb 23, 2016

Amazes me everyday..

Bateman Timberwolves
Fraser Valley Champs , so proud of the T-wolves ladies .. resilient and hard working team .. heading to provincials!

#lefty #daughter #Batemanbasketball #BatemanWolves

Feb 14, 2016

Valentine's Day ....

The ones who notice
the storms in your eyes ..
the silence in your voice and ..
the heaviness in your heart ..
are the ones you need to let in ...

Happy Valentine's Day ..

Feb 4, 2016

Birthday boy ...

No matter where you are ... my love will always be with you .. always believe in your dreams .. and give it your all in order to achieve them .. although at times things are never tht good ... but i promise you they will get better .. i wish you all the best in your future .. in the adventures .. the journeys tht you will take .. as you open a new chapter in your life ... will always be my little boy .. happy birthday son ... love you no matter what .. x