Jan 26, 2016

Lover ...

The sad part is when the show is over .. i know you will leave ..

Don't know where you are
How near or how far
Willing to go
It's time for the show

You learn your part, favourite part
It's when you're my lover

Dont know where to go
Production is slow
Have life as a star
Contained in a jar

If I lay my head down on your knee
pretend i'm your lover

So many things I want you to think
think about me
The things you dont see
Things we take away ..

Baby look at my face ..
No one can lie like a lover

If there's a way
Out of this maze
Hand me the key
I'll set me free

Touching the sun
All that I want ..
is to be your lover ..


Jan 21, 2016

Good Eats ...

'Cooking with love ... provides food for the soul'

Jan 17, 2016


'we're in sight .. but out of mind .. 
we're in step .. but still we're out of time .. 
the light says .. to walk away..
but somehow .. we always stay ... 

I'm slippin' .. and stoppin' and fallin'...
I've never known this kind of lovin' .. 
I'm rockin' ..and ridin' this rhythm .. 
I take tht .. you get what .. I'm givin'...
But I don't know why ... 

Sitting on a lonely star .. 
When you're too far .. to let you know..
You don't ever .. have to walk alone .. 
And I've got to let you know .. 

When you're in the dark .. and you can't see ..
A little bit of love .. is all you need .. 

Haunted by what you lost ... 
This melody ..dominates your thought ..
I feel I can touch the sun ... 
You know you are the only one ... '


Sunday afternoon ...


Jan 14, 2016

Say Hello To Heaven ....


David Bowie

Alan Rickman

'Death comes for us all in the end' - The Tales of Beedle the Bard