Nov 30, 2015

Saturday is rugby day ...

Home turf ... and it was a clean sweep! ... #wontheday  for all the Abby teams ..

The Mad Hatter

I love hats ... it hides many things .. from those judgmental  eyes of people tht i've met along the way .. to the freckles on my nose .. to ' i am having a bad hair day'  thing .. There are many reasons why .. i love hats ... but the best one of all is when my daughter said tht .. I wear it well and i rock it .. and kids are brutal with their honesty ... and therefore i'd say tht's the best reason of all .. to me being the mad hatter ..

Nov 27, 2015

Black & White & Colours

Living in a  colourful world .. but dreaming in black and white ..

Nov 25, 2015

Movember ... happening this weekend ...

ARFC Grows MO ... 

this will be their 2nd movember , on which the ARFC bros are participating. 

All the best, gents!

#fundraising #menshealth

Nov 24, 2015

Girls can play rugby too!

For the uninformed parents ...

Nov 22, 2015

Nov 19, 2015

Muse Madness!

Always a spot in my heart ... for Muse ..
Guess who is going to Muse's concert ?   ... this girl! .. Thank you kind sir .. for the tickets .. you are a great friend and such good taste in music! .. #rugbyfriendsarethebest

A taste of their wickedly awesome sounds ... 

Now get their new album .. you can thanked me later .. 

Nov 18, 2015

Sad day for the rugby world .

May you rest in peace, Jonah Lomu. A gentle giant off the field ... a force to be reckoned with on the field.

#GoneToSoon #JonahLomu

Nov 11, 2015

Test Subject ...

when the photographer .. became the test subject of a project ... kind of awkward .. having to pose for it ... but in the end ... it is done and made someone happy ...
tht's all tht matters ...

lost in her eyes, are the secrets she holds.


Nov 10, 2015

I've loved you from the first moment I saw you ...

Happy birthday sweetheart  ... may your life be filled with so much love and happiness, and when the chips are down ... i will always have your back .. be who you are ... and always be you ... because you are the most beautiful, caring, understanding , kind and all kinds of wonderful .. of a human being ... xoxo 

Nov 4, 2015