Aug 25, 2018


She had been through hell
and though no one could see her demons
they could see the face 
that conquered them 


Aug 19, 2018

Love her wild ..

Her soul dwelled
in the wild parts
of her heart
to the music
it found there. 


Aug 18, 2018


I write to bring you closer. To imagine your fingers trailing the curve of my spine. To recall how the span of your hands were exactly the width of my hips. And how our bodies would fall into each other like words on a crossword puzzle. I write for the raw ache in my bones when the ink seeps into paper --- for the bittersweet sorrow that comes from bringing you back . 


Aug 16, 2018


When every dream
has turned to dust, 
and your highest hopes
no longer soar.

When places you 
once yearned to see, 
grow further away 
on distant shores.

When every night
you close your eyes,
and long inside 
for something more.

Remember this 
and only this,
if nothing else
you can recall --

There was a life 
a girl once led,
where you were loved 
the most of all. 


Aug 6, 2018

Carry Me Home ...

Midnight strikes, where is my prince ? 
Lost my comfort, more time to think 
Broken and bruised, tell me what I am 
Feel so unused, help me find your hand 

I guess the sun still waits here 
Got to hold it up for him 

Carry me home
Bear my weight on your shoulders
Carry me home
Nothing else matters 
Carry me home 


Jun 20, 2018


Thinking of you ...
is a poison .. 
I drink often